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The Joseph Company (TJC) connects equity investors with early-stage property developments, using the expertise, experience and network that its founders built up over the last decade in their own successful developments.

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Multiple Investment Mechanisms


Get a tax refund to invest
Section 12J of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 was legislated by the South African Government to encourage South African taxpayers to invest in local companies and receive a 100% tax deduction of the value of their investment. The investor in return receives a Section 12J tax certificate and Venture Capital shares. The invested amount can be deducted from the investor’s taxable income, in the year the investment is made.

Invest your taxes

Private Equity

Become an equity partner
a minimum investment of R500k in which you/company will own shares/equity of any of the property developments that we have. we believe that private equity has a significant role to play in driving economic growth by generating returns for investors and building better businesses through real value that goes beyond equity.

Become an equity partner


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TJC has a broad skill set in property development to select great developments, plus the network to connect these projects to investors and it has the experience to help ensure the property is governed well.

"We created the Joseph Company after being in the built environment industry for over a decade."

Our Testimonials

"When I joined The Joseph Company, I didn't have enough capital. They organized equity raising events. They invited people from their network. The results were amazing, people were really interested in my proposal."
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Freddy Ramela
Lapeng Heights
"We will be placing 300 students next to TUT. We bought the property through an auction as an incomplete structure. We will be building it up from 2020 February and it will be completed in 2021 February."
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Thabo Mongoato
Hao Rona

Our Founders


Dandy Matamela is an entrepreneur and founder of several vertically integrated enterprises within the built environment.


Moses was trained in Innovation, where he developed the skills for system analysis. He uses that skill to maintain control and win in the property development sector

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