The Joseph Company’s value proposition, vision and mission.

The Joseph Company’s value proposition, vision and mission.

Value proposition

The Joseph Company (TJC) connects equity investors with early-stage property developments, using the expertise, experience and network that its founders built up over the last decade in their own successful developments.


TJC offers two services and is developing a third. The services are:

  1. Private equity brokering for investments of R 500 000 or more into property developments.
  2. Section 12J Tax Incentives for investment into student accommodation.
  3. Online crowdfunding for investments as small as R 2000.


Part 1: Brokering equity

As the first step in connecting developers with investors, TJC selects the best projects. The TJC team uses its skills in property development, project valuations and market evaluations in order to select a high caliber of investment opportunities for investors.

Next, TJC packages each project in a way that best communicates everything to investors.

Once a project has been selected and packaged, TJC uses its experience in fundraising and its extensive network to win investment into the selected projects.

Fee: 5% of the invested amount.

Part 2: Ensuring good governance

TJC helps set up good governance systems such that each development can be a well-run company. Within 18 months, TJC sets up a board for each project and hands over to them. The team offers its experience and expertise in an advisory capacity to ensure compliance with various statutory bodies, as well as efficient reporting systems.

Specific jobs include:

  1. Assist with forming the board.
  2. Drafting the board charter.
  3. Company Secretariat for board services.

Fee: 2.5% of the investment amount raised through TJC.


We see equity being created for everyone, by connecting those with capital to those with great property development projects shared wealth is created for everyone involved.


We work to connect our community to opportunities for equity and enable capital investment into great property developments.

Core competencies

  • Property funding and brokering of private equity
  • Property valuations
  • Market evaluations


  • Proactiveness
  • Hands-on hard work
  • Innovative solutions