Invest your taxes with Section 12J

Invest your taxes with Section 12J

The Joseph Company now offers investments that utilise Section 12J of the Income Tax Act.

What are 12J investments

Section 12J refers to an incentive that gives a tax refund for investing in specific industries that is key to South Africa’s economic development. These investment areas included student accommodation, which also happens to be a booming property investment opportunity.

Suitable investments

Student accommodation that can be classified as part of the hospitality industry qualifies for Section 12 J tax rebates. TJC has done a number of such projects in the pipeline.

In partnership with Impact Investment Africa

TJC has partnered with Impact Investment Africa to make it possible for you to get a tax refund for investing in student accommodation.

Impact Investment Africa describes itself as an innovative and positively disruptive impact investment company. As such, it focuses on investments that, along with generating financial returns for investors, have the potential to generate a positive and measurable social or environmental impact.

Required Documents

We will require the following documents for 12J:

Download all required documents

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